My bracing grapefruit juice advised me how modest as well as pallid most diner juices are. Follow him on Twitter at @PeteGenovese or by means of The Munchmobile @NJ_Munchmobile. "This place is a great 75-90 mins from my residence; I would sit in web traffic for it,"Phil Schachter said.

"In spite of its ludicrous dimension, it was delicious, with a fantastic combination of tastes,"Jill Siroty claimed.

Phil Schachter with the remarkable British banger at Comfi, Old Bridge (Peter Genovese I NJ Advancement Media for Peter Genovese|NJ Development Media for

"Should be attended be thought; Captain The u.s.a battled to select it up,"Phil Schachter stated of brother Craig, who wore a t-shirt with the Marvel Comic books character logo design.

Craig Schachter was a follower of the extremely berry pancakes "("yummy"), yet located the Nutella/fruit pancakes "merely ok.".

She was one of 5 Munchers on a mission for praiseworthy pancakes as well as wickedly good waffles. 15: Thin-crust pizza.

Craig Schachter was divided on the ricotta pancakes "quite hefty and also without a bunch of taste "however" great and also moist."Sibling Phil thought his orange juice "may have been the best thing we had all day, which's claiming something,"and also he liked the chorizo as well as Belgian waffles, yet not the ricotta pancakes.

It's a tiny Munch world; working at Plum on Park is Rebecca Neill, who we encountered back in 2008 on a Munchmobile Route 206 journey, when she worked at the Grist Mill Coffee shop in Andover.

The diner-like inside at Plum on Park, Montclair (Peter Genovese I NJ Breakthrough Media for Peter Genovese|NJ Advance Media for

Bring up one of the classic restaurant feces, like we did, or a table, as well as get a fresh-squeezed juice.

Bro Phil called the tostadas fraceses de dulce french toast with dulce de leche, bananas, granola and also whipped lotion his preferred meal of the day.

Aug. With a detour here and also there for French toast.

I give you pancakes as well as waffles plain, strong, sensible, extensively unsexy as well as certainly not trending.

Jill Siroty disagreed she didn't like the "crunch"of the carrot and also found the nutmeg flavor to be "a little frustrating,"however described the red velour pancakes as "practically perfect.".

Jill Siroty found the Belgian waffle "tasty,"and also the pumpkin pancakes, while boasting a "great subtle taste, "were"a little undercooked.".

Vanilla ice cream-topped waffle, Skylark Penalty Restaurant & & Lounge, Edison (Peter Genovese I NJ Breakthrough Media for Genovese|NJ Development Media for

Craig Schachter distinguished the pumpkin pancakes and as well as Belgian waffle with vanilla ice lotion, as well as the accompanying raspberry lotion cheese and also orange marmalade.

If you haven't been to Keyport in years, or ever, this community is a Coast sleeper, with its beautiful bayfront setup, diversity of dining establishments (Keyport Fishery, Mike's Sub Store, Drew's Bayshore Restaurant, etc.) and also cozy, comfortable areas likeLenora's Cafe.

Proprietor Lenora Cortes is from Veracruz, Mexico, while hubby Francisco is from Oaxaqueno, and the south of the boundary influence is exhibited in such meals as the Mexican country eggs, an easy, supremely pleasing mix of scrambled eggs, chorizo, tomatoes, onions, jalapeos, potatoes as well as cheese offered over corn

Gianna Dorsi with our food at Lenora's Cafe, Keyport (Peter Genovese I NJ Breakthrough Media for Peter Genovese|NJ Breakthrough Media for

Schachter loved the Crunchy Waffle, with granola, bananas and also dulce de leche "fantastic, crunch outside, soft inside, finest thing I ate all the time.".

So which had the most effective pancakes and waffles? See here.

Aug. "Exceptional,"Phil Schachter stated. Adhere to the entire quest on Twitter (@nj_munchmobile) and Instagram (themunchmobile).

It's a Montclair pancake showdown! Plum on Parkis situated in a handsome room as soon as occupied by the Park Diner and also Greek Delights. However all the Munchers other than one concurred about the best location. 22: Cheesesteaks.

"I was anticipating to be horrified, however I was nicely surprised,"Jill Siroty said.

Parts are super-sized, with almost hubcap-sized pancakes, thick French toast and the afore-mentioned British banger, enough to feed family members of four for two days.


Bring a hunger, and after that some, if you see Comfi, a breakfast/lunch area sequestered in a shopping center on Route 516. 29: Bagels.

As Well As THE WINNER IS ...

The Shamewich at Toast was shamelessly scrumptious; the Belgian waffle at Plum on Park was a treat, the British banger at Comfi an unlikely delight and the blueberry pancakes at the Skylark Restaurant were most likely the ideal of the day. "The flavor mixes were practically ideal.".

Phil enjoyed the Nutella and also Fruit (right here strawberries) pancakes, yet believed the berries in the Really Berry Pancakes were not just little yet "didn't appear fresh.".

Matt Siroty called these the journey's finest blueberry pancakes, while his mommy seconded Schachter on the french toast as well as discovered the California waffle, with strawberries, bananas and peaches, "tasty.".

You wonder what the Dutch would think of the British banger at Comfi in Old Bridge. It's a plate-straining, cardiac-arresting behemoth, with bangers, pork, bacon, onion, American cheese, eggs, grilled tomatoes all rolled right into a deep-fried potato pancake evaluating 15 extra pounds.

My favorite thing: the British banger.

Matt Siroty was dissatisfied in the ricotta fritters, however thought the waffle below may have been the day's best.

TOMORROW 'S TRAVEL: Absolutely nothing stimulates Jerseyans food-wise more compared to pizza, as well as on tomorrow's trip we browse for the state's finest thin-crust pizza. Owner Natalie Colledge calls her fare "diverse periodic,"and that's a recommendation to describe a regular and specials menu that includes pica colada healthy smoothie (fresh blueberries mixed with coconut milk as well as special flavors); fried chicken and also waffles; morning meal tamales; a falafel Benedict; pan-seared jumbo scallops; mussels and chorizo; and barbequed Thai take salad.

Pancakes have actually been around given that at the very least the 15th century, while the Pilgrims threw "waffle celebrations"in the New World to highlight the reward, from the Dutch word wafel.

On the whole, they were not as pleased with Plum on Park as long as I was. The owner is Jacek Mastalerczyk; a tee shirt showcased on the Facebook page says "You Bet your Pierogies I'm Polish.".

Well, I liked those fritters, and also the Belgian waffle (much better compared to Toast's), and also our omelet, with bacon and also farmhouse cheddar.

Matt Siroty was disappointed by the Elvis French toast "(anticipating Reese's peanut butter; also much normal peanut butter") but called the sugar apple french toast "near perfect, drizzled in a pleasant caramel sauce.".

Well, it appears like it weighs that a lot, anyway.



Morning meal in Jersey doesn't have to indicate drippy eggs, weak coffee as well as the inevitable/forgettable Taylor ham/pork roll sandwiches.

We needed to suit a restaurant in there somewhere on our road travel, and the elegant Skylark believe high end airport terminal lounge satisfies retro Jacket restaurant was the final quit on our whirlwind waffle (and pancake) tour. Top Dog this week visits Lenora's Cafe, Keyport.

Pancakes are made with proprietor Amy Russo Harrigan's "tried and true"household dish, however if you intend to press the morning meal envelope forget about the yogurt and also granola dish, or steel cut oatmeal you know, healthy things and continue straight to the Shamewich, Taylor ham, egg and cheese sandwiched between two buttermilk pancakes. Jill Siroty thought the homemade chorizo had an "strange texture and also flavor,"but she commended the Belgian waffle.


Toast, a breezily laid-back morning meal hangout the slogan is Peace Love Pancakes opened up in Montclair in 2007, in Asbury Park in 2011, and also a Red Bank place is timetable for at some point this year.

Peter Genovese could be reached at Where should we go? E-mail me at "Cakes were beyond good (with) a lot of fresh blueberries breaking out.".

Sept. Locate the Munchmobile on Facebook as well as Instagram. I enjoyed the ricotta fritters, the Munchers not so much.

Phil Schachter, Craig's bro, had not been captivated with the the red velvet or buttermilk pancakes, discovering the first "a little dry"as well as the 2nd "plain,"yet he enjoyed the carrot cake pancakes "scrumptious, with lots of carrot, nutmeg and also raisin taste equally spread out, with a lotion cheese spread on top.".


We all concurred the Skylark offered the day's best blueberry pancakes. Incredible how something so incorrect could be so right.

My favored here: the Belgian waffle, great and also crisp.


"The best hangover breakfast/brunch dish,"added Craig Schachter.

Matt Siroty with the Shamewich at Toast, Montclair (Peter Genovese I NJ Advance Media for Peter Genovese|NJ Breakthrough Media for

"Love at initial preference," said Matt Siroty, Jill's boy. 5: Chili pets.